Title Name Phone Email
TTP Director Robert Sparrow, Jr

Title Name Phone Email
Team Leader
Cindi Ptak
202-366-1586 cindi.ptak@dot.gov
ARRA, Special Studies, Inventory Galen Balster
202-366-9487 galen.balster@dot.gov
ARRA, Funding Agreements
Comaneci Feggins
202-366-9121 comaneci.feggins@dot.gov
TTP Bridge/Safety Program & HHP
Russell Garcia
202-366-9815 russell.garcia@dot.gov
Communications/Safety Wanda Ross
202-366-1872 wanda.ross@dot.gov
Management & Program Analyst
Lorna R. Wilson
202-366-4656 lorna.wilson@dot.gov

Title Name Phone Email
TTP Field Team Leader
Brian Allen
360-619-7511 brian.allen@dot.gov
Tribal Coordination - Pacific, NW Regions
Jim Brophy
360-619-7960 jim.brophy@dot.gov
Tribal Coordination - AK Region
Danny Capri
360-619-7960 danny.capri@dot.gov
Tribal Coordination - AK Region
Karl Gleason 360-619-7823 karl.gleason@dot.gov
Planning - Pacific, NW, AK Regions
Kyle Kitchel
360-619-7951 kyle.kitchel@dot.gov
Tribal Coordination - Alaska Region
Adam Larsen
Tribal Coordination - NW, Western, AK Region
Paul Rettinger
360-619-7606 paul.rettinger@dot.gov
Environmental - Pacific, NW, AK Regions
Terry Schumann
360-619-7607 terry.schumann@dot.gov
Tribal Coordination - AK Region
Anthony Spann
360-619-7955 anthony.spann@dot.gov
Tribal Coordination - Eastern & Eastern OK Regions
Darcel Collins
Tribal Coordination - Navajo Nation
Jaime Torres
720-963-3539 jaime.torres@dot.gov
Tribal Coordination - Rocky Mountain, Great Plains Regions
Nate Thompson
Tribal Coordination - Western, SW & Southern Plains Regions
Manuel Sanchez

Tribal Transportation Program (TTP)

The Tribal Transportation Program (TTP) is the largest program in the Office of Federal Lands Highway. Established in 23 U.S.C. 202 to address the transportation needs of Tribal governments throughout the United States, the program receives $450,000,000 annually to provide safe and adequate transportation and public road access to and within Indian reservations, Indian lands, and Alaska Native Village communities. A prime objective of the TTP is to contribute to the economic development, self-determination, and employment of Indians and Native Americans.