Instructor:  Lisa Jaeger

Course Description:
This course focuses on the administration of tribal courts in Alaska and the role of the tribal court clerk.  Key concepts and strategies related to the effective administration and operation of tribal justice systems in Alaska will be discussed.

Course Goal:
Students will be able to understand the basic requirements of administering a tribal justice system in Alaska.

Student Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of this course the student will:

  1. Understand the basic elements of Federal Indian Law as it applies to tribal justice systems.
  2. Demonstrate and understanding of the role of the tribal court clerk in the administration of tribal courts in Alaska.
  3. Comprehend the significance and importance of Due Process in tribal justice systems.
  4. Identify the essential elements of Notice and the Opportunity to be Heard, and the role of tribal court clerks in ensuring Due Process.
  5. Demonstrate a basic understanding of the current extent of tribal jurisdiction in Alaska and how that relates to the tribal justice system.
  6. Conduct a Tribal Court Hearing

Instructional Methods: This is a self-paced online course. All course materials reside on the course material site. The quiz and homework assignments are completed within the UAF Blackboard course shell. This course also uses a private blog for discussion topics. Students should communicate with the instructor via the blog site and email.

Course Policies:   As a self-motivated course, students should plan a learning schedule and progress at their individual pace.

 To complete this course, students are expected to:

  1. Watch the DVD “Tribal Court Clerks: The Backbone of Tribal Justice Systems”.
  2. Read materials and watch video clips for all 4 units of the course.
  3. Complete Unit Exercises.
  4. Participate in Blog posts for each Unit.

Text:    None.  Materials are available online or by DVD for those without adequate internet connectivity. Please let your instructor know if you have any trouble accessing materials online.

Office Hours:  Since this is an online course, no office hours are scheduled.  However, the instructor will be available via email, and by phone at, 907-978-6569. The Tribal Management Program can be reached at 907-474-5710

Evaluation and Grading:
This course will be graded pass/fail.  In order to receive a passing grade, participants must receive a 70% or higher grade. Participants will be assessed based upon practical application of skills and demonstration of course objectives.

Unit 1 Quiz – 20%
Unit 2 Exercise – 20%
Unit 4 Exercise – 20%
Blog Posts 1-4  – 40%

Expectations for the Blog Assessment (40%):

Timely discussion contributions. Comments are meaningful and show preparedness which reflect course readings. In-depth thought and contributions which add to the overall learning of the other individuals in the course. Demonstrates courtesy and respect to others.
B+ B- Timely discussion contributions. However, overall contribution is lacking in that readings are only sometimes incorporated into the discussions and postings do not always reflect questions posed or topics described. Individual participated in all but ONE of the discussion forums. Demonstrates courtesy and respect to others.
C+ C- Overall contributions not meaningful – type of comments for example ‘good idea’ orI agree. Very little evidence of having read course materials or giving any in-depth thought to the reading. Failed to participate in at least 2 discussions during the posting period.
D+ D- Participation is erratic or non-existent. Little or no evidence of having read course materials and preparing for the discussion. Failed to participate in at least 3 discussions during the posting period.

Course Schedule

  • Introductions Blog Post
  • Unit 1 – Overview of Tribal Court Administration
    • Discussion
    • Quiz
  • Unit 2 – Role of the Clerk Before the Hearing
    • Discussion
    • Homework
  • Unit 3 – Role of the Clerk During the Hearing
    • Discussion
  • Unit 4 – Role of the Clerk After the Hearing
    • Discussion
    • Homework

All coursework must be completed and submitted online by the end of the semester.

The Tribal Management Program can be reached at 907-474-5710

Disability Services: UAF Disability Services for Distance Students
Disability Services provide a variety of services to assure equal access for all students. Interpreting services, educational assistants, note taking, and exam accommodations for students are the most frequently provided accommodations.

The staff of Disability Services works with faculty in arranging appropriate services in the classroom. Questions should be directed to the Director of Disability Services at (907)-474-5655.