Qualifications of Tribal Court Clerks

The clerk job requires someone with organizational skills, people skills, cultural knowledge, diplomacy, and writing skills. It also requires honesty, integrity, and confidentiality. The clerk must have the ability to manage time well and to work under stressful conditions with an even temperament. The clerk position should be filled by a person who is trusted by the general public and who respects tribal law. Even though the clerk may be the only paid staff of the tribal court, and most likely working for the tribe with other duties, it is as a public servant and with the understanding of the scope of responsibility that one should shoulder this set of duties and responsibilities for the tribe.

A high school diploma or GED is generally considered a minimum requirement for being hired as a tribal court clerk, but it is helpful to have a higher educational level for interfacing with other legal systems and for enhancing the tribal justice system. Knowledge of personal computers and software applications related to court support duties is essential. The tribal court clerk is vital to the tribal court system and should be trained in the various tasks and duties that they are to perform.